Date Published Title Type Author
Nov. 19, 2021 Why Should We Care What Extremists Think? The Contribution of Emic Perspectives to Understanding the “right-wing extremist” Mind-Set Article Hillary Pilkington
Nov. 19, 2021 “Still a bit uncomfortable, to be an arm of the state”: Making sense and subjects of counter-extremism in the UK and Morocco Article Niyousha Bastani and Lorena Gazzotti
Nov. 19, 2021 Counterterrorism in North Africa: From Police State to Militia Rule and the Quagmire of “CVE” Publication Inga Kristina Trauthig
Nov. 16, 2021 Private Security in Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism in Kenya Publication Rahma Ramadhan, Mwangi Mwaura
Nov. 15, 2021 Private Policing and Countering Violent Extremism: Role, Contribution and Challenges Publication Lynda Ouma
Nov. 1, 2021 Global Shinq¯ıt; Mauritania’s Islamic Knowledge Tradition and the Making of Transnational Religious Authority (Nineteenth to Twenty-First Century) Article Zekeria Ahmed Salem
Nov. 1, 2021 Impact of Unemployment and Lack of Education in Kenya on Al-Shabab Recruitment Article Michael Hernandez
Oct. 19, 2021 Gender and countering violent extremism (CVE) in the Kenya - Mozambique region Article Iffat Idris
Oct. 7, 2021 Fragmentation and Grievances as Fuel for Violent Extremism: The Case of Abu Musa’ab Al-Zarqawi Article Talip Alkhayer
Sept. 24, 2021 Centralising Women in P/CVE and Peacebuilding Programme Design Article Kiriloi Ingram
Sept. 24, 2021 When Healing Turns to Activism: Formers and Family Members’ Motivation to Engage in P/CVE. Article Jonatan Schewea , Daniel Koehler
Sept. 1, 2021 Evaluating P/CVE: Institutional Structures in International Comparison Article Asena Baykal, Sarah Bressan, Julia Friedrich, Giulia Pasquali, Philipp Rotmann, Marie Wagner
Aug. 24, 2021 Armed and Explosive? An Explorative Statistical Analysis of Extremist Radicalization Cases with Military Background Article Håvard Haugstvedt and Daniel Koehler
Aug. 22, 2021 Gender at the crossroads: the role of gender in the UN’s global counterterrorism reform at the humanitarian-development-peace nexus Article Ann-Kathrin Rothermel
Aug. 1, 2021 Perspectives on Terrorism Article Terrorism Research Initiative