Date Published Title Type Author
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Feb. 1, 2022 Counter-Terrorism: Best Practices in North Africa and the Sahel Article NATO Strategic Direction- South Hub
Jan. 25, 2022 Intersubjective Body Mapping for Reintegration :Assessing an Art-based Methodology to Promote Reintegration of Foreign Terrorist Fighters Publication Tina Mykkänen
Jan. 13, 2022 Dealing With Radicalised Youth Offenders: The Development and Implementation of a Youth-Specific Framework Article Steven Barracosa* and James March
Jan. 6, 2022 Masculinities and Violent Extremism Article ALEKSANDRA DIER AND GRETCHEN BALDWIN
Jan. 3, 2022 Reducing Vulnerability to Violent Extremism in Kenya through Social and Economic Interventions Article Mercy Corps
Jan. 2, 2022 The Importance of Public Relations in Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism Article Gordon Clubb, Ryan O’Connor, Daniel Koehler, and Jonatan Schewe
Dec. 16, 2021 Preventing And Countering Violent Extremism In Somalia :A Mapping Report Article Hussein Yusuf Ali
Dec. 16, 2021 Study to Examine the Influence of Contemporary Islamic Ideologies in Kenya: Lamu and Tana River Counties Article Dr. Fathima Azmiya Badurdeen
Dec. 16, 2021 ‘Idle minds’ and ‘empty stomachs’: youth, violence and religious diversity in coastal Kenya Article Erik Meinema
Dec. 10, 2021 Counter-radicalization policies and policing in education: making a case for human security in Europe Article Gabriel O. Adebayo
Dec. 5, 2021 They are from within us: CVE brokerage in South-central Somalia Article Linnéa Gelot and Stig Jarle Hansen
Nov. 30, 2021 Role and Accountability of Private Security in Countering Violent Extremism in Kenya Publication Rahma Ramadhan, Lynda Ouma, Patrick Mutahi, Mutuma Ruteere
Nov. 19, 2021 The psychologisation of counterextremism: unpacking PREVENT Article Tarek Younis
Nov. 19, 2021 Countering Violent Extremism Interventions: Contemporary Research Article James Lewis, Sarah Marsden