Date Published Title Type Author
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May 15, 2022 Preventing and countering violent extremism : A case study of Faith-Based Organizations in Isiolo County, Kenya. Presentation Ibrahim Bidu Golicha
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May 4, 2022 Seeing bodies in social sciences research: Body mapping and violent extremism in Kenya Article Michaelina Jakala, Xavier Verhoest, Fathima A Badurdeen, Sahla Aroussi
April 15, 2022 Civil society perspective: ISIL in Africa-Key Trends and Development Article United Nations Security Council : Counter-terrorism Committee Exective Directorate
April 7, 2022 How Extremism Operates Online Article Alexandria Evans, Heather Williams
March 21, 2022 Beyond instrumentalisation: gender and agency in the prevention of extreme violence in Kenya Article Elizabeth Mesok
Feb. 22, 2022 Assessing The Effectiveness Of Intelligence Gathering And Sharing (IGS) In Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) In Kenya Article Wanderi Simon Mwangi, Dr. Joseph Wasonga, Susan Waiyego Mwangi,
Feb. 16, 2022 Trends of Violent Extremist Attacks and Arrests in Kenya, January - December 2021 Publication Rahma Ramadhan, Mwangi Mwaura
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Feb. 10, 2022 What Is Community Policing?: Divergent Agendas, Practices, and Experiences of Transforming the Police in Kenya Article Tessa Diphoorn and Naomi van Stapele
Feb. 8, 2022 An Assessment of the First Generation Kwale County Action Plan on Countering Violent Extremism Article HURIA
Feb. 8, 2022 Countering Violent Extremism in the Horn of Africa: How international interventions influence the Security of Civilians Article Omondi Okwany