The CHRIPS Terror Attacks and Arrests Observatory

The Terrorism Observatory is a record of disaggregated information on all media reported terror-related incidences in Kenya. The Observatory collects and analyses data on dates, location (county and town), perpetrator, target type, weapons used, number of fatalities and injured persons and property damage or loss. The data can be used to analyse trends in any mapping program or statistical package as well as to inform research and policy.

The observatory presents and analyses the latest data, collected from media Reports, on terror attacks and arrests between January 1, 2017 and November 30, 2017. It also disaggregates terror attacks by the persons or facilities targeted. This covers attacks on security officials, private citizens and property, infrastructure and public facilities, telecommunication facilities, businesses, education institutions, and religious institutions.

Data on terror-related attacks will be regularly updated on the observatory and reports published periodically. Download and read a report of the Trends of Violent Extremist Attacks and Arrests in Kenya, January-November 2017, published on the Countering Violent Extremism Research Hub.