Faith Based Approaches

# Date Issued Title Type Author
1 01-01-1970 Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) through Faith-Based Approaches and Actors Presentation CHRIPS, IDS
2 18-08-2019 Countering violent extremism Article Schomerus, Mareike, McCarthy, Sherine El Taraboulsi, Sandhar, Jassi
3 01-01-2010 Countering violent extremist narratives Article Jacobson, Michael
4 01-12-2016 Supernatural belief and the evaluation of faith-based peace building Article Steele, David and, Grau, Ricardo Wilson
5 01-04-2015 From boko haram to ansaru - The evolution of Nigerian Jihad Article Pantucci, Raffaello, Jesperson, Sasha
6 18-08-2019 Rooted in poverty?: Terrorism, poor economic development, and social cleavages 1 Article Piazza, James
7 18-08-2019 Countering violent extremism Article Rami Mroz, J
8 01-03-2010 Preventing support for violent extremism through community interventions: A Review of the evidence Article De Montfort, University
9 18-08-2019 Rethinking the battle of ideas: How the United States can help muslim moderates Article Krebs, Ronald R.
10 01-02-2009 Countering violent Extremism Article Mroz, Jonathan